Policy Brief Writing Workshop, in five parts December 12, 2022

Writing an impactful policy brief requires knowledge and practice. This workshop agenda supports learners to gain some of both. It covers what should be considered in drafting a policy brief, what should be included in one, and what makes for an impactful policy brief. The agenda may be adapted for writing policy briefs in relation to different thematic areas. The proposed activities and exercises are practical and interactive and organized into five parts:

1. Icebreaker: Getting to know each other
2. Some principles for writing impactful policy briefs
3. Review of policy briefs: Strengths and weaknesses
4. Drafting a policy brief summary (by each participant) + discussion
5. Wrap-up and evaluation

Annex A: Examples of policy briefs
Annex B: Sample policy brief summary

See the 3-hour policy brief writing workshop agenda. View the PowerPoint presentation (17 slides) on writing an impactful policy brief, which supports the 3-hour workshop, particularly parts 2 and 3.

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