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Journeying through his/her/ourstory: From Florida to Kansas City October 2, 2021 11 Comments

Does knowing history change history? In the form of an illustrated letter to family and friends, I take the reader on a journey through time. Determined curiosity leads me to encounters that reveal what I was not taught at school. I believe we become more humxn when we connect: with those who came before, with [...]

From the Atlantic to the Virtual Ocean: Malian Experiences (Teachers’ Itineraries with Technology) November 1, 2016 No Comments

Teachers, through their pedagogical appropriation of information and communication technology (ICT) are sometimes bewildered – as if in the middle of a new ocean. Behind them is all they have learned, and before them lies so much they do not know and that invites exploration. They accompany their students and invite others to join them in this journey. They do their best to learn, deepen their teaching, and perhaps also, through their example and their actions, encourage the revitalization of the school system.

Pedagogical appropriation of information and communication technologies (ICT) by West African educators, 2016 book by Kathryn Toure September 2, 2016 4 Comments

Pedagogical appropriation of information and communication technologies (ICT) by West African educators, 2016 book by Kathryn Toure

West African teachers and professors who are appropriating information and communication technologies (ICT) are making it part and parcel of education and everyday life. In Mali and beyond, they adapt ICT to their milieus and work as cultural agents, mediating between technology and society. They yearn to use ICT to make education more relevant to [...]

Travaux des jeunes chercheurs de Kalanso à Bamako au Mali January 3, 2009 1 Comment

Ce fondement de la pédagogie active dont Adolphe Ferrière fut le précurseur au début du XXè siècle est aussi celui de l’atelier Initiation à la Recherche initié par Kathryn Touré (chercheur en éducation) en octobre 2007 à Kalanso avec des élèves de 7ème année. L’atelier est une application concrète de cette perspective pédagogique toujours prônée [...]

Getting ready for higher education: the role of ICT in secondary schools / Être prêt pour l’Université : le rôle des TIC dans l’enseignement secondaire May 2, 2008 No Comments

This paper brings theory and empirical evidence to bear on the integration of information and communicationtechnologies (ICT) in education in Africa. New technologies are finding their way into schools in Africa and educators are experimenting with them with little support. The benefits of ICT for deepening the quality of learning are very real, as international [...]