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A Step toward Equality and Inclusion: Viewing Education through a Gender Lens, by Pai Obanya April 29, 2019 No Comments

This discussion begins with a clarification of the concepts in the title and goes on to look at the Gender Challenge in access to Education with specific reference to Nigeria and from the ‘meaningful access’ angle. Its main import is an attempt to analyse the Gender Challenge in a holistic sense, while its ultimate intention is to seek ways of reinforcing the role of Counselling in addressing the Gender Challenge as a step towards equality and inclusion in Education, and in society.

Nollywood : A travers les yeux des Nigérians et d’autres ressortissants d’Afrique de l’Ouest October 16, 2014 1 Comment

Le but de l’étude qu’on propose ici est d’essayer de comprendre ce que Nollywood apporte au continent et à la diaspora africains. Cette industrie du cinéma est importante pour les Africains, y compris les Nigérians, parce qu’elle se détache des stéréotypes et des histoires racontées par d’autres.

Nollywood: Through the Eyes of Nigerians and Other West Africans 1 Comment

The purpose of the proposed study is to begin to understand what Nollywood brings to the African continent and the African Diaspora around the world. This movie industry is important for Africans, including Nigerians, as they break away from the stereotypes and stories set and told by others.