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Policy Brief Writing Workshop, in five parts December 12, 2022 No Comments

Writing an impactful policy brief requires knowledge and practice. This workshop agenda supports learners to gain some of both. It covers what should be considered in drafting a policy brief, what should be included in one, and what makes for an impactful policy brief. The agenda may be adapted for writing policy briefs in relation [...]

Time to teach and learn peace? June 16, 2016 No Comments

When I tell people I teach peace, the usual response is, “What?” Usually they think they’ve misheard me, perhaps thinking I said “peas,” or sometimes “P.E.,” like physical education. “No, peace,” I explain, giving a visual cue using my peace sign fingers, “—things like conflict resolution, compassionate communication, nonviolence, sustainability. You know, the knowledge and skills we need to create a peaceful world.” Read more from Stephanie Knox Cubbon…