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The art of provocation: Kansas City artist A. Bitterman takes a fresh look at old problems March 17, 2014 No Comments

Lately, Bitterman has been spending a lot of time thinking about Troost Avenue [in Kansas City] and all the failed efforts to overcome the inequities of black and white, east and west. “We see Troost as a problem, but it’s a symptom of a problem,” he said. He asked himself, What if the city was segregated, but it was me? That question is the basis for a film in progress, “Half Life.” As he writes in his synopsis: “Haunted by a city that seems permanently divided, the artist wakes up on a bus to find himself transformed — half black, half white — a personification of the city itself. An existential crisis unfolds.”

Election présidentielle pacifique au Mali : Tiken Jah Fakoly projette l’organisation d’un concert géant pour saluer l’événement August 21, 2013 No Comments

« Au moment où le monde entier commençait à croire qu’il est impossible d’organiser une élection en Afrique sans contestations qui provoquent des milliers de morts, le Mali vient de prouver le contraire et honoré le continent », a indiqué Tiken Jah Fakoly. Et, pour saluer cet exemple malien, il projette l’organisation d’un concert géant [...]