Writing and sharing human experiences of COVID in East Africa: Call for potential book chapters April 5, 2020

Are you experiencing COVID in East Africa and desiring to write and share your reflections? Langaa Research and Publishing Common Initiative Group is preparing a book for this year with about 20 chapters — at least 75% by women. Each chapter is expected to be 5 to 10 pages. Together they will represent diverse situations and perspectives.

We are interested in reflecting the human dimensions of adapting and managing and learning and innovating and connecting and remaining human and strategies for resilience. What are you thinking and what are you doing? Are you interested in writing an essay or thought piece and sharing it through publication as an e-book? Maybe you feel privileged to be able to write and prefer to share not your story but the story of a person or persons in your community instead. With their permission, that is also fine, and perhaps that would then be a situation of co-authorship.

Please indicate to covidstories@langaa-rpcig.net by April 23 your desire to have a chapter in the book. Provide a draft title, your biographic information including where you are living now, and briefly describe your chapter. Your chapter may be in English or in a language of East Africa (w translation into English). We hope to get back to you, on a rolling basis, by mid-May to let you know if your chapter is retained and with further details.

The copyright for each chapter will be with the author(s). The publisher, Langaa Research and Publishing Common Initiative Group, www.langaa-rpcig.net, publishes 40 to 50 books per year and works with African Books Collective to ensure their distribution in Africa and to libraries and readers around the world. Proceeds from Langaa books are re-invested in Langaa, which was founded in 2007 in Cameroon and operates on a not-for profit basis. It is run by a convivial international network of committed and creative volunteers, to promote the circulation of African perspectives and worldviews.

by Langaa team, Voicing African Voices

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