Nollywood: Through the Eyes of Nigerians and Other West Africans October 16, 2014

by  Aya Touré

A draft research proposal prepared as part of an assignment for a media and communications course at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada – April 2014

The purpose of the proposed study is to begin to understand what Nollywood brings to the African continent and the African Diaspora around the world. This movie industry is important for Africans, including Nigerians, as they break away from stereotypes and stories set and told by others. Some Nigerians express the desire to tell and consume their own stories and share their culture with the world; this can be done through their films. Africa is a more heterogeneous place than has been depicted in mass media. Nollywood movies give Africans a chance to express their complex heterogeneity. The films are breaking down stereotypes of Africans as well as the standards set by others regarding movie production and consumption (Location One, 2010).

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Soutcho Toure October 29th, 2014

This paper about Nollywood, Nigerian cinema, is well written. It is interesting. It is really a pleasure to see that Nigerian cinema can be compared to American cinema (Hollywood) or Indian cinema (Bollywood), which industries were already established when Nollywood came into being. A Ghanaian and Nigerian movie, Ties that Bind, was even filmed with the American actress Kimberly Elise. We could say that Hollywood, Nollywood and Ghallywood meet. You can see a review (3 to 4 minutes) of the movie on Adenike Adebayo’s « All Things Nollywood » at I think the popularity of Nollywood films makes African culture more available to Africans and to others.
I watch Nigerian movies from time to time. I find them interesting and think they describe African society as mentioned in the paper. One of the movies that impressed me is “The Price” with Yvonne Nelson and Majid Michel. Some of my favorite actors and actresses are Mercy Johnson, Majid Michel, John Dumelo, Yvonne Nelson, Ini Edo, Desmond Elliot, and Okon Lagos. They are good actors/actresses especially Mercy Johnson who is able to play any kind of role. You can find some Nollywood movies on Youtube and on Iroko Tv ( I hope you will check them out and enjoy them.

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