Padre Miguel: A Memoir of My Experience in Bolivia Amidst Postcolonial Transformation of Church and State, by Michael J. Gillgannon February 18, 2018

I (Kathryn Toure) had the honor and pleasure of working with Father Gillgannon on his book. Please read it and review it on Amazon and share as is appropriate. “Padre Miguel” shares wonderful stories about his work alongside the people of Bolivia and about his encounters with teachers, artists, theologians, and others. He recounts his experience both with the anti-democratic military dictatorship of General Banzer and the democratic presidency of Evo Morales. (President Morales was elected as the first Native-American president ever of Bolivia, a country whose overwhelming majority is Native American and who in turn suffered for approximately 500 years under European and European-American domination.) In particular, Father Gillgannon’s Parish of San Antonio de Padua in the Andes mountains comes alive with his description of colorful annual indigenous fiestas of life, community, and faith. The parish school grows, and its youth encourage him and his close colleague Maryknoll Sister Joan Mury to initiate an extraordinary campus ministry at the State university of La Paz. At age 79, Father Gillgannon returns to Kansas City. There, through engagement with Hispanic Ministry in the United States, he continued to raise ethical questions and to work for social change. From his FaceBook page, he shares videos raising ethical questions about life in the Americas.

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