Homelessness and the Power of One April 11, 2013

Heartland Films

Short (10-minute) documentary film by Sue Vicory, www.suevicory.com

from the film:

Everybody needs a place
They can call home
Sweet home

No little face should
Be without a smile

When homeless
You feel belittled
It’s not a once in a while thing
It’s not with one or two people
It’s with just about everybody

Homelessness means being
Recognition or the
Power to influence society

When asked what she wanted for Christmas
One woman said A Door
“I’m tired of having to get my stuff out of a bag”

When I was homeless
I was beaten with a bat
With several sticks
And all the rest of that
But I managed to come thru…

Let’s move to higher levels…
With original music by Bloodstone… formed in 1962 in Kansas City…

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