Où mèneront les disputes ? / Where will the disputes lead? February 11, 2013

1. Ecoutez le texte audio de Mme Diakité à propos des manifestations Audio File d’étudiants à Dakar.

2. Consult the following Langaa book available from African Books Collective or Amazon: “University Crisis and Student Protests in Africa

Abstract: Faced with deepening crisis in their universities, African students have demonstrated growing activism and militancy. They engage in numerous, often violent, strikes for improvements in their deteriorating living and study conditions and for the introduction of a democratic culture in universities and society as a whole, including the right to express their views, organize in student unions and participate in university management. This book pays special attention to certain elements that have often been overlooked in narratives of student actions in Africa, namely the use of cell phones, differences in gender roles of student activists, religious dimensions of some strikes, the central role of some public spaces for the planning and execution of student strikes, and the power of the photocopier. The book goes far beyond simply documenting various protest actions of students against the state and university authorities. It also provides ample room for comments from journalists and other civil society members and groups. While it takes into account the role that police for example are called to play in quelling student strikes, it does not provide in depth insight into the ambiguities many of them may feel.

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