Happy New Year – Bonne année December 25, 2012

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Happy New Year – Bonne année<br />
Nancy Anderson January 30th, 2013

Hey Kathryn. Christmas is gone, but it’s not too late to wish you happy New Year. Thr autumn cranked out and I had little control. I worked full time teaching and I live 60 miles away. One more quarter like that and then I am back to half time. I finished a short story and got my rejection. I signed up once for open mike but my name wasn’t picked from the bottle. Otherwise it was work work work. I love the little house I bought and I love my dog but they complete a life with lots of responsibility right now. Still I am taking 6 days off (kind of) at Palm Springs. Never been here, far from wet Seattle. And I know I am lucky. How are you? … What’s the latest?

Nancy Anderson January 30th, 2013

PS we are using an IDRC book for the 2nd quarter–fatal indifference, about the G8 and global health (or lack thereof) by Labonte, Schrecker, etc.

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