Developing quality partnerships for quality research December 8, 2008

Pertinent questions and sound methodologies are essential for quality research, as are quality partnerships. By what criteria do we select partners and how do we build meaningful partnerships that add value to our research efforts? And that contribute to improving the overall landscape for the development and use of research? We would like to propose several areas of concern for partnership development and management that many of us deal with on a daily basis and that might seem obvious but nonetheless merit repetition as we still do not integrate them fully into our work. Drawing on personal experience in a research network, this essay invites reflections from others in grappling with questions related to the development of quality partnerships for quality research.

We try to present here perspectives of research units, networks and institutions, including university-based ones, particularly in West and Central African contexts.

The Network for Policy Research Review and Advice on Education and Training (NORRAG),; NORRAG is coordinated from The Graduate Institute in Geneva, Switzerland. NORRAG News is edited by Kenneth King of the University of Edinburg, Scotland, United Kingdom.

The paper is available here: Developing quality partnerships for quality research by Kathryn Toure, Regional Director of the West and Central Africa Office (WARO) of the International Development Research Center (IDRC) Dakar, Senegal  for NORRAG News no. 41 on the Politics of Partnerships.

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