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Journal of Educational Research in Africa (JERA) / Revue Africaine de Recherche en Education (RARE), No. 5, 2013 May 13, 2014 No Comments

The fifth edition of the Journal of Educational Research in Africa contains eight papers on educational issues in North and West Africa. They relate to technical training, higher education and curriculum reform as well as overeducation, child labor, religious pluralism at school, and the influence of mothers’ educational levels on their children’s academic performance. The [...]

Bleached and Black July 15, 2012 3 Comments


It is ironic how light skinned people want darker “tanned” skin. This is thought to be a sign of health and wealth. Having a tan all year round shows that an individual has the means to travel – or visit salons – to get that desired tone. However, light skin is also associated with wealth and prosperity. Darker skinned people sometimes desire a lighter tone because it is believed to be linked to higher life chances. As we see, “The grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence.”

The Think Tank Initiative grants US$110m to developing countries’ research institutes to boost public policies October 2, 2011 No Comments

Kathryn TOURE

Research Institutes in South Asia, Latin America and Africa have received a grant worth US$110 m from the Think Tank Initiative. Twenty three of these countries benefiting from the grant are from Africa including eleven from West and Central Africa. Elisabeth-Laure Njipwo spoke with Kathryn Toure, the West and Central Africa Regional Director for the International Development Research Center, IDRC.

Research results on your dinner table? November 12, 2010 No Comments


  When it comes to agro-food research, “results must make it to the dinner table,” insists Philippe Thonart, professor of bio industries in Belgium. But that is not so easy, because “it may cost 1 franc to make a scientific discovery, such as isolating a microbe useful in food fermentation processes, but 100 francs to [...]

Formality and Flexibility in Planning for Research October 30, 2010 No Comments


Strategic planning is unique to each organisation. It provides direction and helps determine how to invest limited resources to achieve objectives. It also helps create buy-in and ownership for strategic directions among staff, Board members, and other stakeholders and partners. “[A] strategic planning process enables an organization to see around corners in general terms. It [...]